Antioxidant / Collagen Boosting Sheet Mask ,5 Sheets

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Antioxidant Mask: Our Antioxidant Infusion Sheet Masks contain a strong mix of antioxidants along with substances which can be developed to be able to minimize skin irritation and soreness, soothe UVA sun-damaged skin, and also to improve overall skin nourishment and rejuvenation. An example of the Antioxidant Infusion Sheet Mask s greatest features is in its potential to visibly improve skin elasticity and resiliency. Collagen Boosting Mask: Our Collagen Boosting Sheet Mask is a gentle and soothing facial mask that is distinctly formulated to develop a lot more collagen in skin to minimize wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines, crows feet, and mismatched skin tone. Utilize the organic healing power of spinach, citrus, and blueberries to enhance skin radiance, clarity, and nourishment, while having fun in a soothing cover up of rejuvenation. Tips on how to Use: Gently unfold cover up and discard the blue protective film. Put on cover up to wiped clean, dried up skin. Press down relatively as well as change around the eyes, nose, and mouth to place the mask to the unique curves of your face. Get rid of mask after 15-20 minutes and also lightly stroke surplus serum until thoroughly taken in. Follow with regular skin care regimen.

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